Detention centre change alters detainees behaviour by influencing their expectations, their perceptions and their decisions

Detention centre change alters detainees behavi바카라our by influencing their expectations, thei바카라r perceptions and their decisions

Detention centre staff are often unaware of the use of a ‘disruption’ intervention in detention centres. This often means that prisoners cannot understand why a change in their detention centre environment is being implemented and are reluctant to consent. Detention centres may require prisoners to participate in the detention centre change initiative, such as by visiting the detention centre with family or friends to share experiences or by taking part in education programmes about detainee outcomes. The outcome of a change in detention centres is important, as the positive impacts of this change are only partially known; and the negative impacts are not as well quantified.

This paper describes a ‘disruption’ intervention aimed at improving compliance with ‘harm reduction’ and social inclusion measures in detention centres: a ‘disruption’ programme in GCSB-controlled facilities, in particular, the GCSB’s ‘disruption’ and ‘interview program’. The study reports on the changes that occurred following a change in its design, including the changes in detainees’ behaviour and their perceptions of the impact of this intervention. The authors then discuss the impact this intervention may have on the use of detention centres. The key finding is that the intervention changed the way that detainees thought about the effect they were having and this is expected to have a positive effec카지노 사이트t. A more detailed review will be forthcoming in the form of a ‘Summary of Results’.